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The current marketplace is dominated by highly adept and functional payment solutions. They are good but all pretty ordinary, just adding convenience to spending in a variety of on and offline environments.

About Us

My World believe there is a better way to spend money. Whether you are gifting that special person in your life, paying for that ‘must have’ item, at the cashier of your favorite online shopping, or simply getting your morning caffeine fix on the way to work….there is the convenience of a My World way of paying for it.

Mission of My World

"Emerging to Empower You"

My World team have taken it in their stride to constantly evolve, and identify products and services which can be useful to My World clients and shall endeavour to make these products and services accessible to the clients in a cost effective way.

Vision of My World

We Live on your smartphones

My World believes that by reinvesting its profits into technology, they can provide a far superior service to their clients. All the client needs is a smartphone. My World has been created to provide an unparalleled service to its clients empowering and enabling clients to achieve seamless banking services from their smartphones which hitherto had eluded them.


Excellent service, encompassing total respect and value addition for our customers. We aim to make their lives easier by doing the hard work for them. The technology we use shall evolve with time to provide new and evolved services to our clients, thus keeping the client engaged for the foreseeable future. It’s crucial our staff remain trained and motivated to maintain high service levels so we differentiate our business from the other.

We are Building My World together

We are different and prefer to do things our way rather than do things their way. Banking has been restrictive and reserved for the few with barriers for you and me, We are here to get rid of these barriers and work together with you. We depend upon you, our community to provide us with feedback so that we can
Emerging To Empower You.

E-commerce and technology

We use one of the newest online management systems for digital banks. It’s fast, efficient and allows our customers to access all the information they need about our services and the services offered to the customers.

Our way with words

How we communicate changes how people feel about us, so we’d better make sure our words reflect what we stand for. Our tone of voice guidelines exist to do just that.